Alexandra Proctor


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Curious minds made me far more comfortable being a female in STEM, it gave me the confidence to apply and get into further programs and experiences, such as work experience at CSIRO. I did work experience at CSIRO during October of 2020. Due to the pandemic, this was completed online, but I was still able to talk to many industry professionals and learn so much about CSIRO.

I’m currently finishing off my VCE as part of the class of 2022, studying English, German, chemistry, biology, and math methods. I’m hoping to work after university in environmental remediation or go into medical research.

Outside of work and study, I play badminton and practice juggling, which I hope to turn into a business in my gap year, entertaining at events! Before the pandemic I used to go to events and shows with a local history group and teach kids how to juggle, while their parents talked to the other members of the club. I really enjoyed this and started trying out tricks and skills to have something unique to show people, and it’s from there that I discovered my love of entertaining.

During [my work experience] at CSIRO I worked in science communications, specifically in their ‘Double Helix’ magazine, which is targeted at eight- to fourteen-year-olds, to increase their interest in STEM. I edited an edition which was later printed and distributed all over Australia, as well as one of CSIRO’s ‘Double Helix Extra’ emails, which I worked on collaboratively with other students also completing CSIRO’s work experience at the same time. This opportunity was amazing, and it really helped me figure out that I really enjoy editing, and that in the future I want to work in science communication. I wouldn’t have had the confidence to apply for the work experience at CSIRO without participating in the Curious Minds program, especially since I live in a regional area where there is little focus on science and exploring possibilities. Curious Minds has helped me in so many ways, and my experience at CSIRO really highlights this!

This interview was developed in partnership with 3M