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Associate Professor at Griffith University, Deanne Hryciw, brings her 20 years of teaching experience to the Curious Minds Program.

Deanne’s passion and interest in science was greatly influenced by her high school biology teacher.

For me, my family was not educated, and my mother and father worked in an office. In grade 11, in my biology class, I met Mrs Whitehead. She taught me about genetics, and for the first time the idea that my eye colour was based on my parents’ genes blew my mind. Mrs Whitehead showed me that I could have a career where every day I could discover something new and explore the world around me. I am so very grateful for this.


With her new found passion, Deanne went on to study biology at university, obtaining a PhD and conducting research overseas. Having returned to Australia, she now works at Griffith University, teaching students while conducting research.

I studied in Adelaide and did a Bachelor of Science and a PhD in cellular physiology. After I obtained my PhD, I was fortunate to get a research job in the USA where I worked for 3.5 years. I was drawn back to Australia and since returning have had academic jobs at a few universities. I teach and support students through their degrees, as well as doing research. I have always loved research and my main areas of research are looking at how fatty acids (like omega 3) affect health and development in utero.


Having a role model when she was younger and seeing the impact this had on her, inspired Deanne to take on her current role as a Curious Minds STEM Coach so that she may do the same for girls interested in STEM.

I think Curious Minds opens up the field of STEM to young women who are just starting their plans towards a career. Curious Minds makes science more accessible and relatable for young women. A female mentor and role model enabled me to have this career, and I hope that through this program more young women have a stronger passion for STEM and seriously consider it as a rewarding career.