Carmela Micallef


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I was invited to apply for Curious Minds based on my Big Science Competition result, but I decided to participate in this program because I love science, and I wanted to gain some confidence in my skills before I enter VCE. I also don’t know many girls who enjoy STEM, so I saw Curious Minds as a great opportunity for me to meet like-minded people, and make new friends who like STEM.

Around eight,  I wanted to be a geologist. I loved learning about rocks and how the Earth was formed. Currently, though, I want to focus on becoming a doctor and studying medicine. I did 1/2 Biology this year and it was the most fun I’d ever had in a subject. I really enjoyed the topics of genetics and inheritance, but I also had fun conducting my own investigations and in-class pracs.

In the future, I know one challenge I’ll have to overcome is living far away from the universities I want to go to and the possibility I might have to move away from home to study.

For now, though, I am excited to participate in the Curious Minds program, and look forward to extending my knowledge and learning beyond what I’m taught at school. I like how the program gives you a taste of many different areas of STEM, some of which I am passionate about and some that I’m not as familiar with.