Cynthia Lin


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Cynthia completed the Curious Minds Program last year, she is now in year 11, studying Biology, Physics, and Specialist Math.

The fields of science and mathematics had always greatly interested me throughout school. Attending Curious Minds introduced me to the concept of STEM and its possible future, and thus a strong passion for it was ignited in my heart. I began to desire more scientific knowledge, which led me down the path of the foundations of medicine and healthcare.

In terms of extra-curriculum activities, I have been actively attending all programs involving all sorts of sciences and mathematics in my school holidays. I participated in programs including Queensland Mathematics Summer School, Queensland Mathematics Winter School, and the Research Immersion Program hosted by SPARQ-ed.

Between the two camps, I found the process of working alongside experienced professionals on a project very inspiring. Sherri was able to guide me on communication and organisation instead of purely academic knowledge. [She] provided me with a lot of encouragement throughout the program, and I am grateful for that. She also taught me some interview skills after the project, and I would ask her for any advice related to STEM.

“I would recommend this program to all the young girls in Australia, to empower them to 'Apply science to life' and to use their ability to accomplish more as the upcoming generation.”

Curious Minds allowed me to meet other like-minded girls across the country and make valuable connection[s], my very first STEM network. This program opened the door for me and led me on to the path of STEM. Not only did it inspire my passion for STEM, but it also gave me valuable experience to help me develop the STEM skills and information I required. After Curious Minds, I have continued to explore this passion down to school, extra-curriculum study and even my future career.

This interview was developed in partnership with 3M.