Sienna Thomason


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Sienna Thomason went through the Curious Minds program in 2019.

She is currently completing Year 12, along with juggling an internship at Sharks and Rays Australia and being a youth ambassador for Reef Check and the CAP Great Barrier Reef project in her community.

“I am working towards my dreams of protecting the ocean in any way I can.”

After being told that I wouldn’t get a job and earn much money in the marine industry I decided to go for a stable career that I really wasn’t passionate about. Thank goodness I was chosen for curious minds as this experience totally changed my view and ever since I have remained inspired to truly follow my passions.

Sienna is passionate about water and the ocean, and her favourite hobbies include underwater hockey and freediving.

Curious Minds had a tremendously huge impact on my future in the marine science field that I didn’t realise until years later. My amazing coach contacted with people she knew, and I was able to get my work experience on Heron Island!! I met and worked with organisations during the work experience that I now have a job with.

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