Sarah Onoprienko


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Year 11 student Sarah Onoprienko went through the Curious Minds program in 2020 and is currently studying Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths at Isis District State High School in Queensland.

At our 2021 Awards Ceremony I was awarded the Junior Dux trophy as well as the ADF Future Innovators Award. I love science and wish to pursue a career in this pathway sometime in the future.

This year Sarah has also been successful in displaying her STEM work at the World Science Festival in Brisbane, completing an internship at the Thompson Institute in psychology and neurology research, and being selected as a University of Queensland Science Ambassador.

Outside of school I have a part time job at the local chemist and participate in a number of sporting clubs including Isis District Little Athletics and the Childers Touch Association. I am a very sporty person who loves to exercise and go on long runs. I have a passion for reading, chewing through all of the books I own, the school owns, and the local library owns.

“I am currently investigating my opportunities to study Biomedical after I finish school next year.”

Curious Minds had a huge impact on the person I am today as it exposed me to the bigger picture of science. I gained a deeper appreciation for the roles of scientists and the many different specific areas in the industry. Curious Minds expanded my love of science and prompted me to attend the Cancer Aging and Research Program (CARP) for my work experience earlier this year.

Before taking part in Curious Minds, I already loved STEM, but being in a small, country town, I didn’t have any exposure to the infinite areas and careers in STEM. Curious Minds strengthened my passion for science and my curiosity for all things unknown whilst making me aware of the many pathways I could take. I [already] knew that I had a love of science but simply the exposure from all the different experts and students in the many different fields truly got me hooked.

This interview was developed in partnership with 3M