Dr Ella María Llanos Rodríguez


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Experienced science consultant, Dr Ella María Llanos Rodríquez, became a Curious Minds STEM Coach to help “educating the future generation of scientists”.

Growing up in Columbia, Ella María drew inspiration from her mum, a microbiologist, and developed her passion for science as well as a value of work ethic.

Dr Maríela Rodríguez Ortega, my mother, was one of my role models. She is a retired microbiologist and I grew up seeing lots of fascinating things through her microscope. Moreover, mum taught me that in life one needs to pursue our inner passions with a good attitude and ethics.

Ella María’s interest in petroleum engineering led her to pursue bachelor’s and master’s degrees and later a PhD. With over 20 years of experience working in the field, she now runs her own consulting company offering her expertise on scientific and engineering inquiries.

My bachelor’s and two postgraduate degrees are in petroleum engineering. I have used my skills to work in renewable energy and research projects that assist in mitigating the effects of climate change. My experience entails more than 20 years in the research, petroleum, geothermal and carbon storage fields.

I currently have my consultancy, ETICA, which means Ethics in Spanish (my mother tongue). I offer my expertise and values to provide scientific and engineering solutions within these areas.

Driven by her desire to share her skills and give back to the community, Ella María joined the Curious Minds program as a STEM Coach.

This was my first time as a coach and I truly enjoyed it. I wanted to share my skills and give back to the community. I saw this as an opportunity to assist in educating the future generation of scientists. Working with my students allowed me to see the world with a young mindset again, which was quite refreshing!

Ella María believes Curious Minds provides opportunities for students as well as for STEM Coaches.

Curious Minds is planting seeds not only in the students that participate in the program but in the coaches. These young girls over six months are exposed to female scientists in so many disciplines that show them what is around the corner for them. A true testimony of “leading by example”. Additionally, an excellent way to spot our own flaws is by teaching, and therefore this program allows mature scientists to strengthen their skills. So it’s a win-win situation.