Dr Fatematuz Zohora


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Dr Fatematuz Zohora is a new STEM Coach from Newcastle, NSW. Zohora describes herself as a “passionate Mechanical Engineer and Research Engineer”, and has recently graduated with her doctorate from Queensland University of Technology.


I completed by Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering in Bangladesh and worked there for several years before moving to Australia to continue studying.

In my PhD project, I calculated a specific sound signal to help find leaks in pipelines and continue researching and working in this space.

Currently, I am working as a visiting research fellow at QUT, a sessional academic at the University of Newcastle and a catalyst at The Industry Mentoring Network in STEM.

I am lucky enough to share my STEM journey with future leaders to inspire them the way so many outstanding leaders inspire me.

I joined Curious Minds because I wanted to share my story and STEM experience with future leaders to inspire them and be a part of their STEM journeys.